The Essentials (Set of 5) Bath Bag

Product Description

Just as you make sure you have an emergency kit in a car or batteries in your flashlight for a power outage you don't want to be caught without The Essentials when the need arises. We have assembled The Bath Bags that you won't want to wait for when you need them. A cold or congestion that tries to take you down, dry skin that's driving you crazy, an unfortunate sunburn or rash that are stealing your peace, or sore, achy muscles won't get the best of you. With The Essentials, you won't be caught off guard! Each bag is sealed so it fresh when you need it most. 

The Essentials Kit contains: Derma Drench, Itch Fix, Man Cold, Muscle Maintenance, and On The Mend.

$ 84.99 $ 92.95

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